Palettenzyclus Video

LD Video


The rotating hydraulic loading arm lifts the sheet from the stock table that is situated next to the exterior pallet of the pallet changer.

Der rotierende, hydraulische Ladearm hebt das Material vom Ladetisch neben dem Palettenwechsler.


Sheet material loader unloader

For unloading purposes the loading frame that normally is only equipped with suction cups for loading the sheet material can also be equipped with unloading claws. The clawfingers grab under the cut pieces on the lifted pallet of the pallet changer (left). Subsequently the pieces are lifted and brought above the unloading table (middle). There the claws open and drop the cut pieces just above the table. Then the loader moves to the stack position to pick up a new sheet.

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The lasers are on opposite sides of the machine.

The lasers are on opposite sides of the machine.

Die Laser sind auf der anderen Seite der Maschine.

Technische Daten

LD 1250 LD 1500 LD 2000

Achsen Geschwindigkeit

Linear X 0-150m⁄min 0-150m⁄min 0-120m⁄min
Linear Y 0-150m⁄min 0-150m⁄min 0-120m⁄min
Linear Z 0-50m⁄min 0-50m⁄min 0-50m⁄min
Achsen Positionierung
Linear X 1275mm 1525mm 2025mm
Linear Y 2550mm 3050mm 4050mm (LD2000PS)
6050mm (LD2000PS l )
Linear Z 80mm 80mm 80mm
Achsen Positionierung Genauigkeit
Max. X-, Y- & Z-Achse ±0,05mm ±0,05mm ±0,05mm
Max. Abweichung für 3 Achsen zusammen ±0,1mm ±0,1mm ±0,1mm
Wiederholgenauigkeit < ±0,025mm < ±0,025mm < ±0,025mm
Arbeitshöhe ±900mm ±900mm ±900mm
Gewicht 500kg 700kg 1250kg (LD2000PS)
2200kg (LD2000PS l )
Laserquelle Auf Anfrage Auf Anfrage Auf Anfrage