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Laser cutting

LPM Piercing Control

The required time for laser drilling identical holes is never constant. The thicker the material, the bigger the difference in time can be between the shortest and the longest piercing time. Differences in time can easily mount up to 33%. Without Piercing Control the drill time has to be set at a fixed value. This value must be the maximum time it takes to be sure that the hole is successfully pierced. Piercing Control detects when a hole is successfully drilled and immediately skips to cutting the material.

No more time consuming process for the operator to find the correct piercing parameters for each material/thickness combination!
The production time is shorter, especially the thicker the material that is processed and the more holes that have to be pierced. This is because the LPM Piercing Control is real time controlling the laser power during each piercing.
Less use of consumables (cutting gas, electricity, laser gas).
Less wear on the funnels and blades under the metal sheet due to the reduced exposure to the laser beam, less wear on laser, chiller, etc
Guaranteed successful piercing.