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Laser cutting

LD2000 L RTX sheet & tube cutter

LD 2000 L RTX

Balliu often customizes the LD’s length and width because clients all over the world use different sizes of sheet material. Up until now the biggest LD ever made can process sheets of 2000 x 8000 mm. Of course the pallet changer is adapted to the surface and weight of these large size sheets.

The LD 2000 RTX has another feature. An numerical controlled rotating axis was added at the front side of the machine because the customer occasionally has to cut cylindrical pieces of maximum 2000 mm long. The diameter range of the rotating chuck is between 20 and 200 mm. The front door slides open to access the tube cutting area. Tubes up to 2000 mm can be loaded via the front
door. Longer tube sizes can be slid into the rotating chuck via an opening in the machine enclosure.