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Laser welding

MWS 1000 Turbine Welding

MWS 1000 Turbine Welding

The MWS 1000 is especially designed for the automated Fiber Laser welding of large turbocharger blades. Filler material can be automatically added while welding. The 12000 Watt Fiber Laser allows deep penetration welding up to to 17 mm. With 30% the Fiber Laser has one of the highest wall-plug efficiencies that are currently available. Together with the lower maintenance costs it makes the TCO or Total Cost of Ownership lower compared to traditional CO2-lasers. The rotating loading system guarantees an almost constant production.

The rotating loading system allows the manual unloading and reloading while a new part is welded behind closed doors in the machine.

The tiltable welding head has an integrated positioning camera,</p>
<p>a scanner mirror and a connection point for futur sensor upgrades (pyrometer, etc)” /></a></p>
<div style=Example of a 17 mm deep penetration weld.

Example of a copper weld.