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LCF 600: coil sheet cutting

This machine is part of a production cycle:

A coil of sheet material enters from the left side in steps of 600 mm
In the laser cutting machine a maximum surface of 600 x 600 mm is cut. If small pieces are cut they fall in a container underneath the cutting area. The resulting scrap leaves the machine on the right. Large pieces are cut in 600 mm steps. The scrap drops in the container underneath while the finished product leaves the machine to the right. There the next production cycle (ex. Bending of cable gutter) can take place.
The LCF 600 is integrated in the production line: the production line control center chooses the cutting program and start/stops the LC F600.

LCF 600 - view 01    LCF 600 - view 02    LCF 600 - view 03